A Hara Awareness Process
A fascinating journey in body awareness and centering,
to connect with the sacred temple of the soul, the Hara center.

This process offers to learn and experience with different Hara awareness techniques to help you being more grounded, more present and relaxed in your daily life reality.
First level of the work
Hara breathing and Qi Gong grounding exercises to connect with the source of your life energy in the belly, inspired from the Taoist tradition.
Second level
Looking at fear as a basic effect of up-rootedness and finding possibilities to stay centered when having to face challenging situations. Through dynamic centering exercises, you can experience having the resource to move from reaction (fear) to response (awareness) which then gives real strength.
Third level
Rooted inside and present to the world: Hara awareness meditation, guided relaxation and Hara alignment – resulting in centering awareness as the only key to find harmony and peace inside and outside oneself.

This group is an experience of centering through different creative and relaxing awareness methods to connect with one’s basic life force energy from the very source, the Hara.
We use movements, Hara breathing exercises, healing sounds, centering exercises, dance and meditations, all Hara oriented.
We create various dynamics to become aware of how it is to be centered and off center; and how to come back ‘home’ in the Hara when the connection is lost.

It is a joyful yet deep and touching process to get more grounded, more present moment to moment, resulting in a better balance and a graceful aliveness.




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