Workshops 2021

Adapted to Covid conditions


These events are facilitated in French with eventual accommodation for English translation according to the need. Could also be facilitated in English on request.

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SATORI Zen Retreat –

A transformed version during Covid times

* July 4 (eve) to 9, 2021
Kio-o Center – Ste-Lucie des-Laurentides

                      Tel. 819-326-6121

*Discount for early booking

An introspection retreat to take stock after many months experiencing a turning point of our human history – confinement, deconfinement and all the uncertainty of the times to come.
Many people already had the experience of this Zen retreat mainly based on the practice of life koans. This practice is usually done in the form of dyads where communication and listening alternates to support the multidimensional exploration of the koan given to each participant as he/she progresses in his/her own process.

The invitation remains for introspection, to slow down, to silence, to reach to the real in oneself and for the profound vertical journey but the way to articulate it will be a bit different to comply with the instructions required for security in times of Covid.

The process will be supported by different forms of interiorization to explore the koans: practice of the koans in dyads (with 2 m of distance) and alone, contemplation, silence, writing, periods of meditation, inspiring texts, Qi Gong practices to take care of the body, resting times for integration and silent walks in nature when the weather allows it.

A koan is a quest, a basic questioning on the fundamental themes of our existence: Who am I? Who is in? What is life? What is another? What is Love? Truth? Freedom? Trust? Etc.
A Satori is a deep experience of totality which opens a space of clarity and of union within oneself. Something which cannot be forced but can be invited by cultivating a state of presence leading to consciousness.
The process is both simple and powerful. It allows to find a real inner ground from where one can reconcile with the great jazz of human condition and take life as an opportunity for personal growth.

GURDJIEFF Sacred Movements

August 8 (eve) – 13,  2021
Kio-o Center – Ste-Lucie des-Laurentides
                     Tel. 819-326-6121
Discount for early booking and for those who already participated in a Gurdjieff movements summer retreat with Chandrakala.

Open to all – men and women with and without experience

Rhythmic movements and internal exercises to develop presence and awareness in our three vital centers – motor/instinctive, emotional and intellectual.
A pathway which leads to the dimension of the sacred beginning in the body to reach to the heart and mind and flower in consciousness.
The goal is not the movements in themselves, it is the awakening of the person.
The gradual process deeply serves the individual self-development whatever one’s capabilities or difficulties are at the onset.

The particular Covid situation requires a different and probably interesting way to approach the movements together but not too close to each other without taking away the strength of the experience that always emerges along the process.

Welcome to the dance!

November 27 and 28,  2021
Montreal – Fragments Libres Center
Cost: 250 $
Early booking: 225 $ – before November 15

February 12 and 13,  2022
Montreal – Fragments Libres Center
Cost: 250 $
Early booking: 225 $ – before January 31

May 7 and 8,  2022
Montreal – Fragments Libres Center
Cost: 250 $
Early booking: 225 $ – before April 25