Workshop 2024

Adapted to Covid conditions

These events are facilitated in French with eventual accommodation for English translation according to the need. Could also be facilitated in English on request.

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SATORI Zen Retreat –Who Am I? / Who Is In?

* July 14 (eve) to 18, 2024
Kio-o Center – Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides
                             Tél : 819-326-6121

A few days out of the world to take the time to deeply drop off in oneself and eventually find a clearer personal direction in these troubled times in the world and in the fluctuating phases of one’s own life.
It is a chance to slow down to come together internally by engaging in a practice of presence based on the exploration of life koans.
This approach widens the gaze. It is a way of looking that helps to perceive one self and others with more clarity which raises the kindness needed to have the courage to be who you are – without shame and without pride, just true.
This process is carried by a Zen structure which leads to silence (outside of the koan communication exercises) and to a beneficent aloneness allowing a rare inner dive – we experiment being alone / together.
There will be times for Qi Gong, meditation, inspiring readings and commentaries, eventual walks in the forest and for resting to balance the flow of the retreat – not to mention the magnificent surrounding nature and the warm welcome from the Kio-o center team.
Chandrakala also meets with each person individually to support them along their process.
A koan is a quest, a basic questioning on the fundamental themes of our existence: Who am I? Who is in? What is life? What is another? What is Love? Truth? Freedom? Trust? Etc.
A Satori is a deep experience of totality which opens a space of clarity and of union within oneself. Something which cannot be forced but can be invited by cultivating a state of presence leading to consciousness.
The process is both simple and powerful. It allows to find a real inner ground from where one can reconcile with the great jazz of human condition and take life as an opportunity for personal growth.