The SPIRIT of the WORK

There is no magic pill that can enable us to become awake and conscious. But there is certainly something magical when we gather together for a time to share our efforts with others in finding ways to access our best in body, heart and spirit.

Different methods inspired by the great eastern and western traditions of humanity are adapted to our times and used to support the individual transformation process through the development of consciousness.
The groups and retreats that I am offering here are privileged frames of time and space, sort of laboratories for the search and enquiry into our human condition.
With the help of useful tools our exploration can have a real impact in our everyday reality.

From the silent and invisible centre, there is a current of vital energy which connects and supports us from the inside. The more we become conscious of this, the more grounded we are and it is easier for our individual potential to evolve; and the more we can be connected to greater forces.
There is a constant movement in our actions, thoughts, emotions, in our relationships, all is a constant flux of creation and destruction, an ever-changing transformation as days and years go by.
The action at the periphery alone will take us into chaos and exhaustion if we are not connected with the centre where everything is still and quiet – the space where we can rest and recharge ourselves.
The periphery and the centre are one reality, just like the personality/ego and the being/soul; they need to act in harmony as they are not two but one.

How to access to that wholeness, how to link everything together, how to relax in the mysteries of life, death, love?
This is what inspires my personal life and all the group processes that I facilitate since many years. My work is a means for a better life and a deeper truth.
It would be an honor to share it with you…