A Zen retreat based on the practice of life Koans
A powerful awakening process inspired from Zen Soto tradition in a modern aplication.

How much time per day, per year, per life do you offer yourself to encounter yourself and really connect with who you are, with your Self?
The Satori Zen retreat could be the chance for you to take that time which can bring clarity and lightness in your life.
Charles and Eva Berner brought that process into a group structure in the 70’s in California. The retreat is structured in such a way to support a full dedication to the in-depth search of your innermost being, where one is undivided.
A Koan is a quest which leads to a direct experience, a realisation of – Who am I? Who is in? What is life? What is trust? What is another? What is freedom?  What is love? etc.

It is a way to reach to a no-mind space, to a deep relaxation in your true nature and to connect with the reality of your being.
The practice of the life-Koans helps you to become aware and move through all the layers of your personality – deeper and deeper in your own discovery of your identification with believes, opinions, judgments, fears, shame, desires, conditioning from the past; to finally come in touch with your essence.
The process is highly structured in a Zen way
It is designed to focus the whole energy into the search. Intensity is required to go beyond the masks we normally believe we are, our false believes, our pretensions, and the restriction of our conditioning.
Once these identifications are recognized as such, it eases the connection to our truth, giving a greater sense of awareness.
The method is simple and very direct. It supports and cultivates the passion for the real, taking you to experience yourself as you are.
It is a great journey trough the mountains and the valleys of your life in search for a space of reconciliation with what is as it is.

A ‘Satori’ is a glimpse of awakening
The process is an invitation for that experience to come: a moment when one experiences directly being one – a state of ‘Unio Mystica’.
The group is in silence and isolation
Speaking is only used to communicate when answering the Koan during the active practices – this gives the best chances to go deeper in intimacy with yourself.
Active meditations, helpful insights from various mystics of the past and of nowadays, moments of rest and integration will support the process.
Chandrakala also meet individually with each one of the participants as a personal support along the process.
No analysis or interpretation – it is a personal inquire toward everyone’s own truth.

 What you need to bring
. Alarm clock (independent form your IPad or Cell phone) and a watch
• Comfortable clothes (light & warm ones – and many to change often)
• Swimming suit
• Walking shoes
• Shawl or light blanket
* If someone has physical restrictions, it is possible to use a normal chair
* Healthy vegetarian food will be served – simple, supportive, cleansing, easy to digest and tasteful as well! Please contact kio-o if you have a particular condition in your diet.

 Do not bring
. Computer, cell phone, Ipod, Ipad etc.
. Books or journals or anything to read or write
• No jewels – no make up – no shaving
• No extra food (except for especial diet)