Vipassana and Chi Kung

 A practice to be present

Two methods which complete each other perfectly well to develop presence,
body-mind awareness, relaxation and aliveness.

The Taoist Chi Kung is a centering and grounding method which brings relaxation and harmony in the body-mind as it balances the flow of energy.
The slow motion movements and the directed conscious breathing invite the mind to calm down as the body gets regenerated – whatever style is practiced (there are many possible styles). It is a form of mediation in motion where the body and the spirit eventually can meet in awareness.
The practice of meditation also serves to develop presence and relaxation so that one begins to connect with the reality of each moment.
Chi Kung opens the body, relaxes it and stimulates the flow of Chi which enlights the spirit. Whereas meditation practice grounds one in presence as it opens the way to the center where one feels supported from the inside and connected to the whole.

This workshop is for everyone to become free of the daily stress created by the turmoil of the ongoing thinking process and of the habitual tensions which separate us from ourselves and exhaust our energy.

When we learn how to relax, we work for the expansion of the being.
The tension sucks the energy. There is no space for anything new as long as we are tense because all the energy goes into the tension’

It is possible to master the mind’s activity by putting it in the right place – at the service of being here and now. The power of presence becomes then a reality and a fundamental support for living.
A balance of body/mind/spirit is essential for well being and a good life.