The Gurdjieff Sacred Movements workshops are intensive journeys to the center of your being through the mystery of movements that develop a higher level of consciousness.
Based on very ancient temple dances from the Middle and Far- East, they were brought to the West and developed by G. I. Gurdjieff, a famous Armenian mystic from the last century. Inspired by this sacred art, he himself created many exercises and dances as a means for transformation.
These movements touch the core inside oneself
They are certainly original and very charismatic but more than that they produce harmony between the motor-instinctive, emotional and intellectual bodies, giving access to something more…another dimension of being.
They are a means to becoming more present, more centered and totally in the here/now – the only reality there is. The result is a unique inner centering: a new sense of rhythm, a relaxed alertness, a natural silence and grace which come through practice.
The Gurdjieff sacred movements are unique in the way they touch the whole of the person and for the quality of meditation they convey.
In this approach the aim is not the dance as such but yourself
During this workshop you will experience yourself in various ways.
You will be supported to open up and to stretch your own capacities through centering exercises, preparatory work, inner gymnastics, meditation and sacred movements.
There is no need for special skills to participate; only an open mind and the willingness to experience dancing/moving in a different way – with the intention of awakening and being conscious of who you are.
You will learn how to contain and to center your energy, how to stabilize the mind, how to watch and get less identified, how to find new solutions which open new doors out of the habitual limitations of the mind.

A discipline which leads to freedom
The learning process is individual yet deeply connected to the group. It is about being alone/together, taking responsibility and melting with the whole.  A full commitment to the work is required resulting in deep relaxation and profound joy.
For men and women
The workshops are open for everyone who is interested in plunging into the transforming experience of this very unique centering and awakening method. A learning process to bring greater consciousness and relaxation in your daily life.

What you need to bring
. Dancing or Tai Chi shoes (or any soft shoes)
. Comfortable clothes
. Water bottle
. Note book to write and a pen
. Protection for the knees if you wish – some movements require kneeling