From Fear to Trust

A centering and reconciling process

What is fear? How does it affect our lives? Is fear evitable?

There is a positive fear which is essential to live; it is in our intrinsic instinctive human nature. It is life-preserving. This kind of organic fear is meant to send lots of information to the nervous system which releases an enormous quantity of energy to help us to respond correctly to any danger or a challenging situation. This kind of fear has to do with the here-now reality, it is natural and good. But inner spaciousness is needed to have appropriate attitudes to respond to life challenges. One needs to be present and responsive.

There is also another kind of fear which acts as a cancer in the mind, which creates a tension that shrinks and paralyses our lives. That negative fear is rooted in memories which live in the back of the head and it creates projections in front of us: fear of failure, of being judged, rejected, disliked; fear of being hurt, of being alone, of missing something, fear of love, of commitment, fear to be as we are, etc.

Denial of these fears will not lead to freedom from it
Consciousness is needed to face it, to understand it, to transcend it.
We need to find ways to be able to look, feel, listen and become conscious of the facts of our reality so that solutions can arise out of the situations themselves and not from out frighten imaginations.
This workshop offers a support to find a still point inside oneself:
– on a physical level through centering and breathing exercises to connect with the gravity center Hara; to be grounded and supported from our life force energy center in the belly.
– on an emotional-psychological level: we will explore and manifest through various experimental ways, how to get a better understanding of the fears one owns, and the unnecessary tension they create in the daily reality of life.
It is about bringing a new perspective to face the multi facets of fear and eventually be freed from it.

‘All the human minds are fertile; but only for the kind of seeds for which they are ready.
The most important is to discover for which kind of seeds our mind is fertile and help it to receive the seeds of compassion.’            
                                                                           Miguel Ruiz

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