An Eco-Meditative Journey to Baja California

Presence and Beauty
Seven days in Baja California up North Mexico
February 21st to 28th, 2014

 Meditation, adventure, natural magic and many surprises are waiting for you in this journey to enjoy the wonderful nature of Mexico and its various exotic landscapes.

This experience will be supported in such a way that the journey can be an inner journey as well as an outer journey.

Chandrakala will facilitate it along the way so that we can all be more present to nature, to beauty, to the people and to ourselves.


There will be daily meditation and Qi Gong practices, and regular sharing circles, in tune with the people and places we will be visiting which are real gifts for the ones who know how to see them, fell them, sense them,

 hear them and rejoice with them.

Groups activities will be shared with private times so that everyone also have the opportunity to do what they want to do in the different areas.

Seven days to cover and discover the touching beauty

 of Baja California Peninsula up north Mexico

1800 kilometers drive along the Baja (bay) where a great variety of amazing sceneries and a rich local culture are found along the costs as well as in land.

– We will have a taste of silence in the desert in los Sirios valley

– We will dive in the clear waters of Playa del Amor where the Cortes Sea

 meets with the Pacific Ocean.

– We will go to see the whales and their calves at San Carlos;

  since it will be the season, there should be many!

– We will discover the incredible and almost magical beauty phenomenon

  created by nature itself in Todos Santos.

 – Baja California is also a land which produces grapes where the best

   Mexican wines are made; and famous Mexican cheeses as well.

– And many other things which will be found on the way…


A journey for the body, for the heart and for the soul.

Here is an opportunity to take a resting time and enjoy the abundance of this ever sunny country – honoring its nature as we will keep ourselves as present as can be to really benefit totally from it all.

Kamala who organises the logistics of the journey is a generous, very honest and experienced woman. I know her since many years now as I regularly go to facilitate groups and individual sessions in her center in Ensenada.

 She will take care of everything to make the journey safe and comfortable.

we will be sleeping in well furnished tents (including sleeping bags (bran new), mats and flashlight) – two people in each tent.

 – $50 extra if you wish to be alone in your tent.

Inland transportation will be provided in 10-passengers van.

Food: 3 meals a day based on very fresh fruits, vegetable and fish from the area. Many chosen places offer good clean and delicious food there.

Limited number: 20 people

Price: $1300 (US) – Includes the group activities, the meals, the camping fees and the transportation.

* The fee for the boat for whales seeing is not included.

Departure: Cabo San Lucas
– South of Baja California

Arrival : Ensenada – North of Baja California at Osho Gyan center

Information and booking:

Tel : 52 (646)1736078 / 1242397

* English and Spanish can be used