A 3-day retreat
Learn to die to the old and constantly be reborn in the new

A process inspired from the Sufi wisdom to help free yourself from the burden of the past. 

‘Abandon your stagnant pool for the running water of life…
From the world of separation to the world of union.’          Rumi

Every day, every moment, something finishes, something begins.
Our life is an infinite cycle of death and resurrection.
But letting-go is not an easy thing to do because we are mainly centered in the mind; and the mind is full of fears and doubts.
Out of fear we try to create false security by carrying and justifying loads of emotional and psychological unfinished businesses.
In this way, not only do we keep avoiding the reality of now, but we also create a hindrance for the natural flow of life energy.
We keep clinging to painful feelings from the past such as expectations, hopes, dreams, illusions, regrets, believes, resentments, possessions, lovers, youth, jobs, ambitions…however painful it is – and that’s what we endlessly recreate in a future identical to the past from where it comes.
But why?
It is because of fear!
Attachment and identification are the cause of most suffering.
The essential keys to free ourselves from it: a loving awareness.
When we begin look with the eyes of the heart,
our attitude begins to change and this is enough to transform our lives.

The process supports you to recognise issues where you feel stocked, tense and unsatisfied in your life; where you are holding your energy, compromising yourself because of fear – or before making a significant change or taking an important decision which needs clarity.
During the process, a climate of understanding is created around the fears and tensions everyone carries to eventually come to trust in the healing forces of one’s conscious heart.
Sufi meditations, zikrs, creative exploration, let-go exercises, dancing, chanting, writing, drawing, guided inner journey, silence and rituals.

This process brings you to meet and embrace the best of you!

A few important points
– The group will beginnThursday night – please be there on time
and will end Sunday afternoon around 17:00.

–  As this group is a very intimate-personal process, you will experience being in silence
so that you can really go deep inside yourself and enjoy your own compagny.
There will be many other forms of expression during the group – through body movements, writing, singing, drawing, group structures…but nothing of ‘social talking’.

– Please organize everything concerning your family and your work so that you can feel totally free to get involved in your own process during these 3 days.

– You do not need to have one specific issue to participate in this group.
As you will progress in the process, things will surface and it will become obvious.

What to Bring
– An alarm clock (separated for your cell phone or IPad) and a watch
A mirror (min. 20cm diameter)- big enough so that you can easily see you whole face
– Color pencils or crayons and a good writing pen
– A scarf or a blindfold
– A pair of socks or soft shoes (Tai Chi style or other)
– A shawl or a light blanket
– Comfortable clothes
– A set of white clothes for a ritual (if possible)

No books, no computer and others of the kind…
It is really a time to be with yourself. and in silence


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