Space and Silence


 “The meditation is not a discipline to compel the body but an opening in which one allows life to take him toward the being.”     
                                                                                                       Placide Gaboury

The practice of meditation as ancient as the world and rich from hundred of traditions invites and cultivates an inner tranquility which can really transform the quality of one’s daily reality.
Meditate is for everyone who wishes to be more present, gathered up and more able to find the inner peace where the great life forces act in harmony: the horizontal (action) with the vertical (spirit) – instead of constantly being pulled down by the constant traffic of unconscious thinking and mechanical habits which suck our vital energy.

But how to calm the metal noise and the habit of stress which reduce our vitality, divide up and exhaust our energy?

There are many meditation techniques to get to manage the mastering of the mental activity so that it can be put at its right place – at the service of the here-now. These different meditation practices contain the essence of Zen, Taoism and Sufi wisdom. This is what will be offered during this silent retreat to develop the presence and the consciousness which connect to the reality of each moment supported from inside.

Qi Gong to prepare to meditate: a way to get grounded, centered, relaxed and to harmonise the energy. It helps to sit inside oneself through slow motion movements and a conscious directed breathing which balance the energy flow in the body-mind. It is a meditation in motion.

We will use and learn a very simple form of Qi Gong to open the body, relax and balance it in such a way that the Chi can illuminate the spirit.
Then the practice of meditation absorbs that energy as we gather ourselves inside and begin to feel more at home in the inner space where nothing is disturbed by the cyclone of events, emotions and thoughts happening all the time
Motion and stillness, conscious breathing, listening and silence: everything to invite being present in relaxation and simplicity.

* We will be in silence during the whole retreat
* There will be times to walk in nature and to rest.

New trails have been recently opened at KIO-O center for the ones who may enjoy walking in the forest in safety. It is good to bring walking gears if you wish so – snowshoes in winter.