For men and women without and with experience – No prerequisite

An awakening, centering and grounding method not much known in the world since it was kept relatively secret for a long time.
Yet it is an extraordinary tool for the development and the harmonization of the complementary forces within us: body, heart and spirit.

Centering and consciousness
These rhythmic choreographed movements accompanied by original music composed by Gurdjieff and T. de Hartmann, allow us to find our alignment and to expand our capacity to be present which then opens to an incredible possibility of vital personal development.
The goal is not the movements in themselves; the goal is the awakening of the person.
The movements we learn are the tools used to come to know ourselves better and to go beyond our personal limits.

Among other things, Gurdjieff was inspired by the pagan and the sacred ritual dances of the Middle East to create a method for the development and the harmonization of man. The body plays an important role – it enables us to connect with our emotional and thinking processes from a different angle, facilitating transformation and evolution.
This workshop will be an introduction to some of the basic Gurdjieff movements and to the understanding of this global awareness approach which allows for a rich and deep personal inner work on many levels.
The quality of presence that this work conveys can be felt long after in daily life.